This week in Burwell’s Bluff:

Stan and his team are getting busier by the day as we have 4 homes now in full swing. A reminder that the Osprey on Lot 10 is still available, call our Real Estate office for a personal tour today!

  • Lot 10- Touch up work on the inside, landscaping work will begin on Wednesday.
  • Lot 11- Interior painting will continue into next week.
  • Lot 15- The crawl space foundation installation is complete, the fill-in the crawl space will begin this week as well as the garage slab installation.
  • Lot 22- The crawl space foundation has been installed.

Thank you to those who offered feedback regarding our construction sites, we really appreciate that. We have an open door and always welcome your comments and suggestions.…

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This week in Burwell’s Bluff:

We were very fortunate to receive some great weather this week and the construction process moved along very nicely.

  • Lot 10- Finishing touches are being made, we are entering the final inspection process, and the landscaping process will begin this week.
  • Lot 11- The driveway and Sidewalks have been installed, the interior painting process will continue into this week.
  • Lot 15- The foundation is being installed.
  • Lot 22- The footings are installed, and the foundation process will begin this week.

We are extremely excited about the Open House in the Osprey on Lot 10 during the Kingsmill Championship, so please continue to spread the news and come and see us!

Have a great week.



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This week in Burwell’s Bluff:

Things are moving along nicely as we now have 4 homes under construction in Burwell’s Bluff. We are excited to announce that during the Kingsmill Championship we will be having an open house in the Osprey on Lot 10, so please come by and see us.

  • Lot 10:The finish grading has begun and the hardwood floors are installed.
  • Lot 10:We are in the process of obtaining the final inspection, and the landscaping will begin this week.
  • Lot 11: The ceramic tile is complete, and interior painting is still in progress.
  • Lot 11: The driveway will be installed this week.

Lots 15 and 22 are well underway as Lots 10 and 11 finish up here in the following weeks. As the Kingsmill Championship plans begin to take shape,…

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This week in Burwell’s Bluff:

I hope everyone had an excellent holiday weekend! Things are continuing to progress nicely, with 2 homes being finished in the next few months while 2 more homes are in the early stages of construction. A friendly reminder that the Osprey on Lot 10 is still on the market, so call our Real Estate office today for further information!

  • Lot 10: The interior finishes installation is almost complete, hardwood floors have been installed, the appliances have been installed. The next few weeks will consist of finishing up the home and putting on some finishing touches.
  • Lot 11: Kitchen cabinets have been installed, ceramic tile is in progress, and the interior painting process is still taking place
  • Lot 15: The footing…

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